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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not require a credit card to start your free 30-day trial. We at buildicus believe that once you experience our website generator you agree it is well worth the monthly fee.
Absolutely. It's true Buildicus provides each account with a unique free web address. You are free to share this address with anyone you like just like a custom domain name. If you would prefer a custom domain such as ("") you would simply register your domain with your favorite domain name provider. Once you have purchased your domain we provide an integration panel within the settings section. Or the "Cog" icon.
Once you publish your Buildicus website it will automatically generate a custom URL example: "”
Now simply follow these X steps.
  1. Purchase domain from your favorite domain provider.
  2. Now navigate to the settings section inside of Buildicus ("Cog Icon") and click on the Custom Domain Set Button. A convenient popup will display these instructions and provide a text field to enter your newly purchased custom domain. Enter your custom domain name in the following form: "” into Buildicus custom name field and press publish.
  3. From domain provider Edit appropriate CNAME record in the DNS settings panel of your provider.
    HINT: Host: www Points To: That's it. Your domain provider should now be pointing your custom domain name to your buildicus account URL.
Yes. Simply click on the image and upload your own photos or select from our stock images. Please respect all applicable copyright laws.
Every Buildicus template is designed with social media in mind. Social media is an excellent way to promote your brand. So, of course, you can link your accounts to your new website. We want you to succeed and promote your business.
Unfortunately no, but there are many 3rd party appointment apps that provide javascript code or iframes. You can definitely add that code into the editor to display an access point for your users. So long answer is kind of ; )
Analytics are a crucial part of any website. We have built a specific text input to add your Google account number into. You will find this field after clicking the ("puzzle") icon.
It is tremendously important to create an online presence. It is also paramount that leads are generated for certain types of business. Buildicus has taken this into consideration and has provided easy integration for two of the most popular lead collecting applications. HelloBar and Mailchimp. Additionally, for those who are even more serious about leads we also provide easy integration for Getdrip. Your Welcome.
  • Buildicus is a small local business located in Californias beautiful central valley.
  • We are a small business. This makes us incredibly agile.
  • Buildicus is personal. If for some reason you find yourself in need of assistance, Odds are you will speak to one of two people.
  • Buildicus is super fast. You could be advertising your business in minutes. No joke.
  • If you have tried other website builders you have probably noticed that they can get very complicated very quickly. We intentionally omitted features in order to streamline the build process for "Normal" people. We recognize that business owners have limited time to learn yet another system and would rather spend that time and energy building their business.
  • All of our websites are mobile friendly. If you are anything like us your internet browsing is done primarily on a mobile device. There is nothing worse than trying to decipher information from a nonresponsive website.
  • What do you have to loose? Try it for 30 days. If it doesn't exceed your expectations, simply allow the trial to expire. We want you to succeed. We would love to be your website provider. Most importantly promote your small business. :)