We are continuously searching for under-represented industries to provide marketing sites. So the title is completely appropriate.

What is worse than an industry that does not capitalize on internet marketing, or an industry that misrepresents its self through internet marketing? On one hand, a group that does not have a web presence isn't hurting their online image but in no way are they helping it. On the other hand, a group that promotes themselves through questionable channels online could be doing more harm than good.

One of the industries that we decided to represent was Massage Therapist. This industry was a victim of the second scenario. Using questionable channels to promote their services. We found that those professionals who worked at a large company or chain were being represented very well. However, we found that many licensed professionals did not work for large organizations. Many were very entrepreneurial and chose to start their own companies. The problem with this is that starting a business is difficult, time-consuming and costly. Even those who had the capital to spend on marketing still may not have benefited from an enterprise campaign. So many rely solely upon online listing services. This may work for some industries but for Massage Therapists, it does not. They unknowingly were misrepresenting and hurting their online presence.

I felt this was a perfect industry to help with our services. First I contacted industry leaders who obviously had enterprise websites. I asked them what was working for them and what features they would like to perform better. In addition to this, I explained what we were setting out to accomplish and who we were trying to represent. As a complement to this industry, their overwhelming response to our mission was incredible. They too felt that this segment of their profession was being misrepresented. Their openness of information was paramount to our cause. Next, I reached out to students and instructors. Again they proved to be a wealth of knowledge.

After a very short period, I had compiled a list of absolute must-haves and wants. From this list, we devised what features we would incorporate. Next, design. The design had to be clean and modern. It had to promote a professional image and evoke a warm healing emotion. I believe we captured all of this and more.

We are proud to announce our Massage Therapist template has been deployed and is ready to promote these entrepreneurs. A professionally designed website to represent their online image along with enterprise type features that do everything from metric analytics to lead capture. All of this within a startup budget.

So, yes we are looking to help other industries succeed in their online presence. If you are someone who believes your industry is either under-represented or misrepresented. Please contact us at buildicus .com. We look forward to telling your story.

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