Does my business need a website, and would it help my business?

Many business owners struggle with these two questions. If you are a business owner who would like more information to decide if a website is right for your business pleases continue reading.

As a business owner marketing your business is one of the most important if not the most important part of your job. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service truly is if no-one knows it exists. The very best advertisement is still word of mouth. It will continue to be the most powerful force in your arsenal. As a consumer yourself, if a trusted source such as a family member or friend endorses a certain product or service you are more likely to try that product or enlist that service than if you just saw an add. This fact has not changed.

So why do I need a website? That circle of advocates for your business is relatively small. A website allows you to reach potential customers out side of that circle. Additionally if your business is just starting out your circle is even smaller if not nonexistent. This is the real value of a business website. So if your thinking that I’m just starting out I don’t need a website yet. You really couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Ok now we have explained why your business needs a site now lets focus on what that really looks like. Of course your website needs the bare bones basics like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

But I want to address the the “extras” that your site needs. A properly planned website offers so much more then contact information. This is where the value comes into play.

First. Your site shouldn’t simply list your products or services. Your website may be the only contact your business has with a potential customer. Make sure that point of contact adds value. There should be no difference between your website’s ability to promote your business and your ability to promote it in person. If you provide the best “widget” service and your customers can’t get enough of your “widget” service. Why on earth would you simply list on your website that, “We provide service for widgets”.

Second. What about frequently asked question? If you take a moment and think about it there is usually a few questions that customers have. These questions usually are the same questions all of the time. Simply address these questions in a FAQ page. This will allow people to get answers to their questions with out having to speak to you directly. This reduces the time spent on a phone or in person answering the same 8 questions over and over.

Third. Measurable results. This is why online advertising is so powerful. Traditional advertising just can not compete when it comes to quantifiable results. A television ad, a print ad, a billboard , etc may be bringing in customers or is it. How can you accurately measure the results. With todays analytics you can accurately determine your ROI. (Return on Investment) If you are spending X dollars a month on your website. You can accurately calculate how many dollars your site is generating. This is one of the best advantages to online marketing

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