Do You Offer Unique Solutions to Your Customer’s Problems on Your Business Website?

The key to generating sales is fulfilling your customer's needs in ways that your competitors cannot. Therefore, in order to see a return on your investment (ROI), offering unique solutions to your website visitors’ dilemmas is the driving force behind every successful business website.

Know your customer’s needs

Create a Unique Sales Proposition (USP) that states, “My customers buy from me because my company is the only company that offers…” Of course, you’ll have more than one USP to suit different customer needs, giving you the opportunity to address different solutions on your website. Review your USPs often, because they will change as your products and competition change.

Learn about your customers, creating buyer personas that go beyond the simple age and sex demographics. What are their occupations, their goals and challenges, their fears and the values that they hold dear? Include real quotes from interviews conducted with customers. Collecting information from your existing customers ensures that you’re on the right track to discovering how to solve your new customers’ problems. (Visit for more detailed how-tos to build buyer personas.)

Perform thorough research of your online and offline competitors

What solutions are they offering to their customers? How can you better those solutions, offer different solutions, or offer solutions to customer issues that your competitors did not address? Armed with this information, you can appeal to your customers’ emotions by solving a problem in a unique way. In this way, you develop specific branding for your company that gives you leverage over your completion.

How does this translate to content creation on your business website? Instead of using hard sell tactics, you’ll respond to your customer’s needs in a manner that promotes positive feelings about your brand. Use your buyer personas to hone in on what your customers crave—They should be saying to themselves, “This is exactly what I need. I don’t need to shop any further.” When you have your content finalized, get it online fast. Buildicus, by Edit LLC, gives you the ability to create and launch your new, mobile-friendly website in only 5 minutes. We make it easy to develop a website presence NOW. Need more information? Call us at 559-281-2855.

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