Then we have exciting news for our HTML Generator App.

If you haven’t already noticed we are adding completely new features to our already awesome HTML generator app. Websites are changing and becoming more advanced. The buildicus team recognizes this and has been working tirelessly to ensure we are staying current with today's web design demands.

When we started Buildicus, we predicted that mobile use was going to continue to rise. One of our primary goals was to make everything mobile friendly – especially your new website. Turns out this decision was paramount. It’s no secret that today's average consumer uses her mobile device more often than a stationary device to browse the internet. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you are losing out on potential customers. Our goals have not changed. Everything we develop will remain mobile friendly. I don’t want to give too much away but here is a partial list of what we have already added.

  • Embedded Video Section
  • Portfolio Section
  • Carousel Section
  • Advanced Image Selection Tools

Embedded video

Youtube embedded video img

Many of our clients post videos to Youtube. Youtube boasts its viewers make up nearly 1/3 of the internet. That is over one billion people. Of over one billion people over half of them are viewing with mobile devices. It makes perfect sense for us to incorporate embedded video into our app.

Portfolio section

Portfolio img

A portfolio section is an ideal setting to display images. The images could represent your body of work. No matter if you are a photographer, an artist, a landscaper, a cosmetologist, or any number of other small business owners. Another use of a portfolio section is to promote images of your team members.


Carousel img

The carousel incorporates multiple images. It is presented as a sort of slide show where one image displays for a few seconds then slides to the next image and so on. This is a very popular section that you have undoubtedly seen. It provides an animated feel to even the most static of sites.

Advanced Image Selection Tools

Image selection tools img

We have up’d our game. Not only can you select from our completely free stock images but we have made some noticeable improvements. We now have categories of images to choose from. This greatly reduces the time searching for images. Just pick a category and select a stock photo. Of course, you can still upload your own photos for a more personal touch.

This is only the beginning

We are so super excited and can’t wait to see how people will customize their websites with the new features. We have many more releases planned but we thought you might enjoy a sneak peak. Don’t miss out on discovering what we offer. Visit for a free trial. Subscribe to our blog at