One of the most important things you can do when setting up your website is put a logo on it.

Logos create a unique identity for your business and show potential customers you’re legit and professional. When they come across your logo on social media, customers instantly recognize it, and they know what to expect from you.

Logos also help anchor your brand. The colors and style you use for your logo can be used across all your marketing materials, creating a cohesive brand identity.

So what does your logo say about you?

What Does Your Logo Say About You? -- Buildicus blog


Check out this hella huge, interesting infographic from Among other things, it shows how color evokes certain emotions, and how aware we are of brand marketing at a very young age.

What’s really interesting is how much companies have paid for their logos. Some go to the extreme, paying millions of dollars for a logo, while others, like Twitter, got theirs at bargain basement prices.

Peep this:


business logos


It’s interesting to note how logos have evolved over the years. If you have a logo you’re not particularly fond of, it’s fine to rework it until it feels right.

If you don’t already have a logo, you can create one easily online using a site like 99 Designs. Or, if you want something less expensive, try Logo Instant. Then simply upload your logo to your website (call us if you don’t know how, (559) 202-3055), and boom. You’re good to go.


What’s your favorite logo? Apple? The Starbucks mermaid? Personally, I’m fond of the McDonald’s logo, as it usually means I’m in for a bagful of hot, delicious greasiness soon.